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Police Review Board (PRB) Local Law 1-2021 Becomes Law

Police Review Board (PRB) Local Law 1-2021 Becomes Law and a reality to the residents of the City of Geneva, New York.

Editorial Comments from City of Geneva Public Meeting held on February 3, 2021

After almost a year, Geneva City Council finally achieved in getting their single most important issue and goal of passing PRB Local Law 1-2021. It was passed last night without full transparency to the people of the City of Geneva or lack of any budgetary funding to sustain such a law requiring certain items like training.

Now Ward 5 Councilor, Laura Salamendra can take her victory lap around those so-called phantom constituents that was for the PRB that she claimed and not just her far left political agenda. Unfortunately, Salamendra is not totally victorious now that she has her sights set on the Housing Authority.

What’s next, the Fire Department, Department of Public Works, Education Department, Etc.? It’s all about the political agenda that has plagued our country starting with small American cities and towns with prestigious colleges influencing city government and news media not fully reporting an unbiased point of view.

Another highlight of this meeting was this being the second public consecutive city meeting where Salamendra was given a violation from the Board of Ethics that she violated Tenet 3 (Conduct of Public Officials), Tenet 5 (Conduct of Public Meetings), and Tenet 16 (Positive Work Place Environment) of the Code of Ethics giving her the sternest warning against repeating such disrespectful behavior and requiring a private apology to the Mayor that would be filed with the complaint and list of violations.

For someone trying to fix the issues within the City of Geneva should consider first fixing those personal issues that may interfere with the representation of her as an elected official and that of her constituents, but, she seems to be only as good as those she represents when using tactics as controversial as those issues she seems to fight against!

We have not heard the last of Local Law 1-2021 nor have we heard or seen the last attack on the City of Geneva by a far left radical agenda fueled and influenced by certain individuals from Hobart William Smith (HWS) College.

Attached is a link from Finger Lakes 1 article concerning the vote at the City of Geneva Public Meeting held on February 3, 2021.

We continue to support all the Men and Women in Blue in the Geneva Police Department and around Our Country!.

Here is a statement taken from a conversation on Facebook between Ward 5 Councilor, Laura Salamendra and Jo'Meniquee Harris shortly after Local Law 1-2021 was passed indicating Salamendra's continued attack on the City of Geneva. This is all part of Salamendra's far left radical agenda as the political puppet with the strings being pulled by Hobart William Smith (HWS) College.

“Jo'Meniquee Harris you could tell them the Harris sisters said prb rightttt now. Next up? Housing justice!”

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