• Brooklyn Mike

Stand Up and Make YOUR Voice Count!

I have lived in Geneva for 66 years. I'm tired of articles being written by scholars who have never experienced growing up here. They write articles degrading our heritage, our education system and our intellect. WE are being played, all of us.

Mr. Peter Gillotte

We have the right to question decisions made by our city government. Now is our time to take a stance and send this message that this Local Law needs to be voted on, ensuring that ALL of the voices of registered voters in the City if Geneva will be heard.

Signing of this petition is strictly stating that you agree you would like the PRB Local Law 1-2021 to be put before the people for a vote only. In no way, does signing the petition, indicate that you are for or against the police nor does it mean that you are for or against the PRB. It only states that you want YOUR voice heard, period.

Look for announcements on social media regarding our Petition Signing sites this weekend.

If you can not make any of the Drive-Up Petition Signings, Email GenevaUnited@gmail.com and Geneva United will get someone to come to you with the petition!

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