• Brooklyn Mike

Put the VOTE to the PEOPLE for Local Law 1-2021

So many City of Geneva residents believe all of the voices of Geneva were not heard when city councilors voted to adopt the Local Law No. 1-2021 amending the Geneva City Charter to establish a Police Review Board (PRB) on Feb. 3, 2021.

Petitions are ready to be signed sending a message to City Council to bring this Local Law to a REFERENDUM VOTE. Local Law 1-2021 needs to be voted by the people of the City of Geneva which will ensure ALL of the voices of legally registered voters in the City if Geneva will be heard.

Signing of this petition is strictly stating that you agree that you would like the PRB Local Law 1-2021 to be put before the people for a vote ONLY.

In no way, does signing this petition, indicate that you are for or against the police nor does it mean that you are for or against the PRB.

It only states that you want YOUR voice to be heard, period.

Email GenevaUnited@gmail.com and we can put you in contact with someone covering your ward who can bring you the petition to sign. Additional information about possible pop up events and more information about the progress in the referendum will also be posted here in

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