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Local International Organization Invaded by Political Radicalism

Updated: Nov 3

Local Geneva, New York resident and member of Rotary International cancels another Geneva resident from joining the Rotary International by using false and inaccurate information because of his conservative and political opinions and his support of the City of Geneva Police Department.

Seneca Lake taken from Ventosa Vineyards

Michael Pinco, a retired Aeronautical Engineer met the love his life here in Geneva, New York. Pinco was about to leave the state of New York after retiring but, not only did he find the love of his life, he found a place he was happy to call home right here in New York State. Pinco has now been a resident of Geneva for more than three years and is thrilled to have moved to Geneva living a happy life with his fiance and wishes he knew about Geneva, New York earlier in his life as he tells us himself.

"I'm originally from Brooklyn, New York and lived in Virginia for most of my life after graduating college." "During the last part of my career, I was brought back to Owego, New York to work on the Presidential "Marine One" VH-71 Helicopter Program." "Once I retired due to medical reasons, I was going to move out of New York because I don't agree with the political direction New York State is heading among other issues like taxes, but if it weren't for meeting my fiance and the beautiful area she is from, I would have been long gone." "I just wish I knew of Geneva, New York earlier in life."

Presidential VH-71 'Marine One' Helicopter Program

Since Pinco has been in Geneva, New York, Pinco and his fiance started an internet radio station called TBMSRadio.com in 2019. In just a year in a half, the radio station has well over 55 thousand listeners worldwide and is the only internet radio station in the Finger Lakes region.

Loving this area very much, Pinco started making many friends and getting heavily involved with the community by supporting the Department of Public Works and the Geneva Police Department when they were under fire by certain members of the Geneva City Council and began publicly voicing his opinion.

Pinco started researching and began a crusade on why there was so many issues within city government. Pinco spent several months developing a flowchart of how the local city government was being influenced by the prestigious college, Hobart & William Smith Colleges located within the City of Geneva. Pinco also created a matrix with peoples names within the College and the roles they play indoctrinating the young people within Geneva, and how those soldiers of a far left radical group are influencing local law within the Geneva, New York community.

Pinco also discovered how organizations such as the Geneva Boys & Girls Club, Party for Socialism & Liberation, Tools for Social Change, including the Geneva City Council, and many other organizations in Geneva are invaded and infiltrated by such radical individuals who are so quick to call others racist, and white supremacists, among other names, including attacking their businesses by boycotting them for simply not agreeing with them, or having a different political ideology.

When Pinco openly discussed his opinion or his political position on certain subjects, Pinco, his fiance and their radio station were immediately attacked with a barrage of messages on their personal cell phones and all over social media. Sponsors of the Radio Show were then contacted, verbally attacked, and told if they had a business, they would also be boycotted as well, if they continue to support the radio show.

Rotary International

Pinco made many more friends when he transferred his membership to the local Sons of Italy organization. It was there when Pinco met several great members and made great friends who were also members of the Rotary International.

These members of both the Rotary and Sons of Italy supported Pinco in his political opinions and convinced Pinco to join the Rotary. Pinco began attending the Geneva Rotary Club meetings and submitted his application to join.

After several months of attending meetings and his induction into the Geneva Rotary Club being delayed for no reason, Pinco became suspicious. His suspicion became even greater when a friend of his was inducted into the Geneva Rotary Club before Pinco . Pinco then received a letter just before the holidays in the mail telling him he was being denied membership into the Geneva Rotary Club.

Geneva Rotary Club Denial to Membership

Penny Hankins

After Pinco started an investigation of his own, he discovered that a member of the Geneva Rotary Club, we will call her Penny Hankins., who works at Hobart William Smith Colleges and who speaks regularly at city council meetings against the police, came forward to the officers of the Geneva Rotary Club with inaccurate and incomplete information about Pinco.

An adhoc committee was then set up within the Geneva Rotary Club to discuss Pinco's past information without Pinco's knowledge. Therefore Pinco was not able to answer or defend himself against the false statements Hankins. made against Pinco.

Hankins was known for setting up a Venmo account and a Go Fund Me Page to raise money in support of the protestors in Rochester against the police for such as items as; First Aid Kits, Trash Can Lids, Water, Helmets, Baseball Bats, etc. Hankins also supports having felons on the Geneva Police Review Board (PRB), but yet, if it were true that Pinco was convicted of a felony, then she was against having him join the Geneva Rotary Club. What a double standard for someone raising money for others to commit crimes and felonies against the police. Does this mean that the requirements for joining the Geneva Rotary Club is much greater than being on the PRB or does Hankins pick when felons are appropriate to fit her agenda or does Hankins discriminate between white and black felons? Whatever the case may be for Hankins, this has become to be the so called "Cancel Culture" not only for our nation but within the city of Geneva that P.H. embraces and keeps close to her heart when dealing with others who have a different political ideology.

Hankins who has been a member of the Geneva Rotary Club since 2015 has since resigned for reasons that she claims she is 'too busy because of joining two other organizations in Geneva and three other organizations in Rochester".

Penny Hankins

The letter sent to Pinco from the Geneva Rotary Club Vice-President, Gerald Forcier, was sent to Pinco without making the members in the adhoc committee or the President of the Geneva Rotary Club aware that the letter was sent.

The decision made by Forcier to send the letter to Pinco or denying him the opportunity to join the Geneva Rotary Club was made strictly without any due diligence performed on the part of Forcier and totally politically motivated by the cancel culture being bred by Hobart William Smith Colleges. This culture and behavior of handpicking individuals within an organization, so that the organization is totally controlled by only a select few, is disgraceful, appalling, and scandalous to our city, community, and our country.

Pinco responded to the Geneva Rotary Club letter written by Forcier and is attached for reference.

Letter to Rotary MP Blacked Out
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Once Pinco, responded to the Geneva Rotary Club, his good friend who was inducted prior to Pinco, also resigned. Pinco's friend's letter of resignation is also attached to this article for reference.

Letter to Rotary MS Blacked Out
Download PDF • 37KB

The Rotary Regional Governor, Linda Kohl, in addition to the Rotary International President, Holger Knaack was notified of these circumstances and how the matters were handled, "is not a true reflection of the Rotary International" as Pinco stated.

Pinco also stated that, "It truly is a shame how an organization such as the Rotary International which claims to be non-religious and non-political, violate everything the organization is known for, such as the Rotary Four Way Test, then be proud of promoting publicly the ideology, as Penny Hankins did against the police. Individuals like Penny Hankins try canceling others who want to join the organization because its all about their personal and political ideologies".

"It is also unfortunate that organizations, our Cities, and our Country have been invaded with individuals who are from the radical far-left. If you don't agree with their personal and political agenda, they try to dig into your past and exploit the circumstances to cancel you as an individual. They call you a racist, among many other titles, to fit their needs or their agenda."

"The part that concerned me is that an organization, like the Rotary International, is a great organization with some great individuals who help our communities and do great things for the communities. But, when certain individuals try to censure or cancel others from joining, then they are dictating to the individuals that join and discriminate against all others that they disagree with, making themselves racist, violating the very organizations they represent."

"This could have all been avoided if they had just talked to me. I have nothing in my past that I would have not discussed if I were just asked!" "They never did their due diligence, nor did they speak to me, nor did they even obtain the disposition of the matter they referred to." "I believe Penny Hankins knew what the disposition was, but did not share it."

This article hopefully brings light to individuals within organizations of the culture we live with today. Hopefully, this article enlightens organizations so they can avoid this from happening within their organization, and remove those that are truly the issue and not those willing to to good in our communities. Deal with facts and do your due diligence before making decisions that can and could be detrimental to the person you are considering to be a part of your organization. If your organization is not welcoming and make others feel like they are un-welcomed outsiders, then maybe you should look in the mirror and do a self assessment of your organization before welcoming any new members.

Remember before rejecting ANYONE, you may be losing someone who is genuinely prepared to help others who are truly in need. However, the problems may be within your organization and the individuals you already have, may NOT be helping others for the right reason, but, for the reasons your organization is against!

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