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Geneva City Residents Move Toward Referendum on PRB Local Law 1-2021

A coalition of Geneva City Residents called, Geneva United, plan on moving Local Law 1-2021 concerning the Police Review Board (PRB) towards a referendum.

This group is made up of several hundred people who are bipartisan with a common thread of thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. These residents who are a part of Geneva United, are from different political parties but their bipartisan commonalties come from a new law that was passed by the Geneva City Council. The people of Geneva United, feel that this law with many impacts to the city, its charter, its people, and its businesses, should be voted and adopted by the people of Geneva and not just from the members of City Council.

After a year since the City Council took their oath of office, the 9 elected officials haven't respected each other, have been riddled with ethics violations, having personal and/or political agendas, in addition to, external influences, have brought the people of the City of Geneva together in deciding that this law should and must be voted by the people. By sending PRB Local Law 1-2021 to a vote by the people, it places this law to its purest form by eliminating the partisan political rhetoric and radical agendas of certain city councilors and proving that this is in fact a vote and the will of the people of the City of Geneva.

Additionally, moving PRB Local Law 1-2021 to a vote by the people, provides a basis for unity in the city and its community. This is not about who is against or for the police, nor is it about who is for or against a PRB, this is strictly about how the law was adopted, passed, how it was not accepted by the majority of the city, and not initiated based on unsupported facts provided by certain City Councilors.

It is reported that the City of Geneva Residents will eventually file a petition with the City Clerk, Lori Guinan, within the next two weeks containing several hundred signatures. The details and the "signing of the petition is strictly stating that you agree you would like the PRB Local Law 1-2021 to be put before the people for a vote only. In no way, signing the petition, states that you are for or against the police nor does it state you are for or against the PRB.

Additional information will be forthcoming concerning the filing status of the petition to referendum. In addition, information on signing the petition at a particular time and location will soon also be published publicly.

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