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Geneva Believer & Founder Jim Meaney - Geneva's Own National Enquirer & Fake News Network

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

March 16, 2021 - Jim Meaney the founder and editor of the Geneva Believer, claims to be an independent citizen watchdog news outlet in Geneva since July 2016. He claims to utilize FOIL requests, publicly available information, and both named and anonymous sources. He also claims the Geneva Believer has investigated and spotlighted numerous examples of misconduct, conflicts of interest, and environmental and social injustices throughout the city of Geneva.

The National Enquirer of Geneva, NY

This is the third attempt using the same subject matter to discredit Geneva resident, Michael Pinco, once from a Hobart & William Smith College employee & Geneva Rotary Member Penny Hankins (Previous Article) and twice from Meaney himself. Pinco has been fighting for Geneva businesses and the people of Geneva since he moved here in early 2018. Pinco has been a huge advocate for the people of Geneva and the resistance against the far left radicals and their agenda attack against the city of Geneva. As Pinco states, "I am here to stay for good and when people try to silence me with any type of extortion, I just fight that much harder. If you feel like punching me, I will knock you down."

Jim Meaney

Pinco continues by stating, "It is so unfortunate that our Cities, and our Country have been invaded and attacked by individuals who are from the radical far-left. If you don't agree with their personal and political agenda or beliefs, then they try to dig into your past and exploit the circumstances to cancel you as an individual. They call you a racist, among many other titles, to fit their needs or their agenda and Jim Meaney is nothing more than a worthless, inferior individual running a two cent fake news media and is just another example of the problem we face in our country today."

"I have nothing in my past that I would have not discussed with anyone if I were just asked!" "The reason brainless individuals like Meaney don't do their due diligence, nor do they ask to speak to me is because it doesn't fit their agenda or their narrative".

"In summary concerning my indictment in Binghamton, it was just that, and it all had to do with a divorce I was going through. In the end, the disposition was nothing more than basically a ticket. For those who know me and my past I was and still am a model citizen proud of who I am and served our country as an aeronautical engineer designing and developing military equipment for a huge government defense contractor. I held CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, TOP SECRET, and YANKEE WHITE Clearances and for 54 years never had a single issue with the police until I was faced with an ex-wife with a brother-in-law who was the chief of police, a nephew who was running for district attorney, and a corrupt city who all owed favors for each other. Did I have issues with corrupt police? Certainly, but do I support them? Absolutely!" When I moved to Geneva, I vowed to myself that I would never sit back and watch our cities or the people be infected by corruption without standing up and fighting for whats right!"

"If anyone has been involved in a divorce, very few are amicable and people are familiar that divorces are nasty and people do things to each other that are much more ludicrous than what's happening in our country today. Look what happened to President Trump for four years in office by the far left radicals with their attack on our constitutional rights and our country with double standards." "Now, if anyone would like to know any more about me or my situation, I encourage you to ask me instead of hiding behind the vail of the internet or a computer accusing me of stuff that is not true just to fit your narrative."

Jim Meaney

Meany makes mention in his Geneva Believer that Pinco would like a run at City Council, Pinco states; "Two things I never discussed was religion and politics, now I have no problem discussing my faith or my political affiliation the older i get the less tolerance I have for stupidity. I am tired of the double standards and whats good for you is not good for me concept. Meaney mentioned my interest about city council and he tied it to my previous situation. I say, how's that any different from a city council member being arrested and convicted of a DUI then becoming mayor of the City of Geneva? or, City council asking for police accountability and refusing to be accountable to the ethics committee for their actions? or, Iesiah Harris representing the PPP then getting arrested for prostitution? I can go on and on with examples, but the difference is, I was not convicted for what I was indicted for!"

In contrary of his claims to his reporting in the Geneva Believer, one of his last quest of fake reporting was to continue to attack Councilor At-Large Frank Gaglianese III with a petition that is as fake as the editor himself. Meaney claimed to have over 200 signatures on his biased petition that is heavily weighted by Hobart William Smith students, individuals who were not City of Geneva residents, and/or individuals who do not even vote in the City of Geneva.

Meaney himself is not even a resident of the City of Geneva and has completely no respect for the individual with his repeated hacks and interruptions of City Council Meetings by attacking Gaglianese while others speak.

Maybe Meaney’s frustration and anger directed at individuals or the City of Geneva was due to his own failure of securing a Ward 6 Councilor seat against highly respected community leader and incumbent John Greco or due to his failure in securing a job with the Geneva Business Improvement District (GBID). In either case, editor Meaney and his amusing Geneva Believer is a continued diversion from the truth that causes a continued divide among the people in Geneva but not for those who look to his reporting as the comic strip of the Sunday edition of the paper.

Meaney continues to attack situations and individuals of the City of Geneva repeatedly by reporting non-factual information, untruths, or by manipulating the facts to achieve his personal agenda or that of HWS College. When deciding to read something from this pathetic trash of a news media you may want to consider getting a copy of the National Enquirer instead!

After GETNews investigated this matter, we were informed that it is the anniversary of the Finger Lakes Health ransom ware that plagued the cities medical industry on March 18, 2018. GETNews will continue our investigative report concerning this matter and any possible connections to past IT employees at Finger Lakes Health. Interesting that we at GETNews could not find any Geneva Believer coverage in that matter which was news that should have been covered and not the constant discredit of individuals.

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